My name is Kristen Alleyn and I can’t wait to start working with you!

I’m a hospitality professional who wants to help you grow your topline revenue and increase your cash flow.

I received my degree in Hospitality Management in 2011. I started my career at the front desk and quickly moved my way up the ladder. In 2013, I reached my first Rooms Director position – this is when I fell in love with revenue management. I’ve since been steering my career in that direction, working mainly with Starwood and Marriott franchised hotels. I learned all about the industry standards, guidelines and proven techniques & in 2020 I got my CRME certification.

When the pandemic hit, I was happily employed for a franchised property. Like a lot of people, I was faced with some tough choices and I decided that I needed to focus on my family, which brought me back to my hometown. Thus, as many did, I changed industries.

Every day that has passed, I’ve thought about my industry and I started to look at alternatives to get me back to what I love.

This is how Alleyn Consulting came to be.

I worry about the strategies that will let you reach your revenue goals so that you can focus on doing what you do best: offering outstanding service so your guests can stay, relax, make memories & most importantly, come back!